Other Services…

Coaching, Counseling, Spiritual Guidance: 30 minutes of this is included with each 90 minute Integrative Session. It is also offered as a stand alone service. 60 minutes $80.

Negative Entity or Energy Removal: In person, during an Integrative Session, this is free of charge. Removal done remotely. Current Client $25 New Client $40

House Clearing: Includes all entity or energy removal, full home energy clearing, a written report of the homes energy, a house blessing and guidance for total home protection. Must be within 30 Miles of Round Rock or there is an additional travel fee. Current Client $250 New Client $350

FaceTime, Skype or Phone Call Consulting: Includes an energy scan, energy balancing and reading of overall energy of body and surroundings (house, apartment, etc.). Also includes guidance and recommendations. 60 Minutes $80

Angel Card Readings: You can choose from six different sets of cards. This kind of reading is for those that need guidance in a specific area of their life. Or for those that are struggling with a big decision. Reading includes intuitive guidance and lasts 30 minutes. This can be added on to an Integrative Session or done remotely via FaceTime, Skype or a phone call. Current Clients $30 New Clients $50

Animal Therapy: I will occasionally work on puppies and dogs in my office. Animals are extremely receptive to CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Reiki Energy Healing. If you have a dog that you think could benefit from my services, send me a message so that we can discuss your pet. Animal sessions are 30 minutes $45. 

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